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 CB Radios For Sale

Cobra 29 LTD CB Radio

Cobra 29 LTD


Cobra 29 LTD Classic remains a number one model, for many years running.  Just a nice sounding cb radio with a nice solid and sturdy construction, and a very nice look (check out the chrome models).  It simply has a nice feel and weight to it, that makes you know that this thing is for real, and at a reasonable price.  The Cobra 29 LTD line is the best radio they make in their AM radio line.  If SSB is your thing, you'll want to look at the Cobra 148 gtl.


More about the Cobra 29 LTD Classic

Even though the Cobra 29 LTD Classic has an automatic noise limiter, in some installations ignition interference may be high enough to make good communications impossible.  Many possibilities exist and variations between vehicles require different solutions. Consult your COBRA dealer or a 2-way radio technician for help in locating the source of a severe noise.

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Cobra 29 LTD Classic Features and Benefits:

Including a built in Standing Wave Ratio meter

An extra long mic connection/core

An external PA jack

RF Sensitivity and gain

Automatic Noise Limiter and a quality NB

Variable Brightness Control

Microphone Gain

Cobra 29 LTD Chrome  


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